Join us for CBExchange!

CBExchange is designed as an interactive workshop exclusively dedicated to helping you understand, plan or enhance competency-based education through facilitated sessions, focused on listening, learning and leading. This conference will take place from October 19 through October 21, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona.

At CBExchange, you will:

  • Share experiences, questions and lessons with event organizers, funders and researchers who want to hear from you.
  • Learn from thought leaders and peers about the latest CBE research, design models and materials.
  • Return with new resources and contacts to help you lead CBE at the programmatic, institutional, or state-system level.

You should attend if you are:

  • interested in, or developing a competency-based education program at an institution of higher education.
  • already managing a CBE program that hasn’t grown to full-scale.
  • looking for a way to connect with others who are developing a CBE program or who are already managing one.
  • anxious to share your lessons learned and challenges.
  • wanting to get your hands on the latest research and tools to help you with your CBE work.

At this first-of-its kind conference, you’ll learn about:

  • results from the largest survey to date of institutions developing CBE programs.
  • baseline data from institutional partners to help shape your CBE programs.
  • essential CBE practices and design elements.
  • preview and utilize new resources designed to help field leaders like yourself.
  • a host of learning outcomes in every interactive session.

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The Competency-Based Education Network is a group of colleges and universities working together to address shared challenges to designing, developing and scaling competency-based degree programs.


In early 2014, the network selected an initial cohort of participating colleges and universities; the cohort includes 17 institutions and two public systems serving 42 campuses. The institutions will take part in a research-and-development phase, funded by Lumina Foundation, to provide an evidence-based approach to advancing high-quality competency-based education capable of serving many more students of all backgrounds. A second cohort of 13 colleges and universities and two public higher education systems joined C-BEN in early 2015. The Network is currently comprised of 30 colleges and universities and four public systems with 82 campuses.

A Board of Directors, led by Laurie Dodge of Brandman University, was formed in spring 2013 and the network issued a formal call for membership applications in the fall.

Participating institutions either offer degree programs with well-defined learning outcomes and rigorous assessment or are on their way to creating them. The C-BEN Board of Directors, comprising higher education innovators from several of these institutions, will guide the work and periodically will issue additional calls for applications.