City University of Seattle

The mission of City University of Seattle is to change lives by offering high quality and relevant lifelong education to anyone with the desire to learn. City University of Seattle takes great pride in being a leader in responsive education, meeting the individual needs of our students through innovative, high quality and rigorous programs, with a vision of education access worldwide.

City University of Seattle first developed competency-based learning coursework as part of its delivery of alternative routes to teacher certification programs in Washington State. At this time, the graduate teacher preparation program is delivered in the competency-based format with students earning a Master in Teaching degree. City University of Seattle also developed a specialized competency-based program for the Bachelor of Arts in Management program in partnership with the Boeing Company. Current competency-based program offerings include Bachelor of Arts in Management (CBAM), started in fall 2012; M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, Reading & Literacy, Special Education (CMEDs), started in fall 2013; Master in Teaching (CMITs), started in spring 2012; M.Ed. in Adult Education (spring 2013), and B.S. in Information Technology (fall 2014). City University of Seattle's current competency-based programs have already increased the opportunity for students of all ages with a vast array of diverse needs socially, ethnically, academically and physically, to pursue a degree in higher education by providing a format in which the student determines best educational practices based on his or her needs.