DePaul University

DePaul University is a private university in Chicago, which emphasizes serving first-generation students and others who might otherwise be denied a quality education.

Founded in 1972 to increase access for adult students, DePaul University’s School for New Learning (SNL) serves students 24 or older through a competency‚Äźbased design. We offer a competency-based master’s degree (Master of Arts in Applied Professional Studies) and four competency-based undergraduate programs. The four include a Bachelor of Arts with an Individualized Focus Area (BAIFA) and three joint degrees with other DePaul Colleges -- a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Computing, a BA in General Business and a BA in Early Childhood Education. The undergraduate program is based on a framework of competency statements arranged across five areas. The first includes required core competencies designed to develop and assess a set of academic and lifelong learning competencies. The next three –- the human community, arts and ideas, and the scientific world –- reflect the college’s cornerstones of liberal learning; and the fifth area is centered on the student’s personalized focus of study. The School for New Learning seeks to identify strategies for growing our program, navigating regulatory changes, and making innovative use of technology to support student learning.