Kentucky Community & Technical College System

Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS) has 16 colleges and more than 70 campuses across Kentucky. As an open enrollment, community college system, KCTCS is firmly committed to extend enrollment to all students, and the system provides a variety of student services to serve the diversity of the community college population.

To help meet these commitments, KCTCS has implemented online learning, including the Learn on Demand format in which every course is broken into three or more modules. Degree and course competencies and objectives were identified by program faculty. Students may sign up for the whole course or enroll module-by-module, and they may earn partial credit for each successful completion. Students can start their learning at the time of their choosing and they can take a full, 15-week, three-credit online course or start with a singular module. Currently some 3,000 students are registered in Learn on Demand courses, averaging about 1,000 students each term. Enrollments in Learn on Demand are growing.

As a community college system, general education and technical programs comprise the essence of the KCTCS curriculum. Each general education discipline is offered in Learn on Demand, as are business, nursing, and information technology programs. In Learn on Demand, KCTCS colleges bid to develop specific courses. Once the course development is completed, all courses/modules are subject to an intensive quality review by instructional designers and discipline faculty. Assessments for each aspect of the course, including competencies, are reviewed and approved by disciplined faculty during the recommendation and quality assurance process. All courses are facilitated by instructors who are certified by KCTCS to teach online. Faculty are provided with tutorials and training on tools and teaching techniques, resources and best practices, and a rigorous quality assurance procedure is in place for all Learn on Demand course developers.

KCTCS is currently working on a strategic management plan to improve enrollment and participation in the Learn on Demand format and to explore other format options.