Los Angeles Trade-Technical College

The competency-based education program at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College (LATCC) was developed for students and defined with input from a broad range of employers and industry partners in the health science sector, primarily in the heath occupations.

LATCC serves the greater Los Angeles area sprawling over five counties, including Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Ventura counties. Los Angeles Trade-Technical College’s (LATTC) service area population is particularly disadvantaged, socioeconomically and academically.

Throughout the degree program development, industry representatives were asked to identify the foundational competencies and also to provide feedback about how these competencies would best be assessed. Online and simulated course materials are being developed, along with self-paced modularized lessons. Skills and competencies that must be demonstrated in person will be proctored by instructors who will also work as coaches for those students requiring some face-to-face interaction to master the competencies.

Students will earn transcript-based credit for the competencies demonstrated, since the competency-based education foundation skills courses were developed through the regular course approval process at the college. The Foundation Credential competencies will be further documented and memorialized through the use of digital badges. These badges will include digital information about the specific competencies that are demonstrated and how they were assessed.