Southwestern College

Founded in 1885, Southwestern College is a private, nonprofit institution in Kansas, providing values-based learning that emphasizes intellectual, personal, and spiritual growth. The student experience is characterized by meaningful professor-student interaction that fosters critical thinking and effective communication. Southwestern College serves around 1,700 learners, including traditional undergraduate students in a residential campus environment and adult learners around the world in online programs. A wide range of majors are offered at the bachelor’s and master’s level as well as a Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Since 2009, Southwestern College has offered a Master of Arts in Teaching. The degree emphasizes how to tailor instruction to meet the needs of students in designated classes. Courses are delivered in an online format and focus on skills needed to be a successful teacher.

Southwestern College has examined the competencies teachers need to demonstrate in order to be successful in the classroom, and the new program was developed around these competencies. The Essential Skills for Teachers program will build on the existing curriculum to include other areas that require training in teaching (college professors, vocational teaching, etc.) that do not need to be licensed by traditional means. This program began being taught in an online environment in July 2015.

As an institution, Southwestern College will use experience gained in developing and launching the Essential Skills for Teachers program to facilitate expanding competency-based education options and programs to serve our learners.