University System of Georgia

The University System of Georgia (USG) has developed three competency-based education programs. The first is a partnership between USG and Columbus State University to implement a new three-year Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication with a Civic Leadership Concentration. The second program is a graduate credential for Georgia’s K-5 educators seeking Mathematics and Science Certificate Endorsements. The third program is the Math 1113 Online Pre-Calculus Emporium, a general education course being developed in partnership with Acrobatiq under funding from the Courseware Challenge grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The three competency-based education programs described are indicative of the initial innovation efforts of the USG and its institutions. As these initiatives identify and address necessary resources -- infrastructure, processes, practices, and policies needed to develop and deploy competency-based education programs -- the system plans to focus on the development of the next generation of competency-based education programs that are scalable (as the Precalculus Emporium model is testing), and targeted at the general education core courses of the System. With guaranteed transfer across all 31 institutions in the system, implementation of these lower-division courses in an online competency-based education mode will have a dramatic implication for scale and diffusion of competency-based programs across the USG.