University of Maine at Presque Isle

University of Maine at Presque Isle (UMPI) is a public university and part of the University of Maine System. It serves 1,200 traditional and nontraditional students in a small university environment, combining liberal arts and selected professional programs. Students come from throughout the state of Maine, other New England states, and the Maritime Provinces of Canada. About 66 percent of UMPI students are female and 33 percent male. Most (60 percent) of UMPI students are under the age of 25, but the number of adult students is gradually increasing and UMPI is part of a University of Maine System effort to attract adult students. UMPI students tend to be first-generation college students.

In 2012, UMPI was faced with enrollment and revenue challenges but maintained a long-standing commitment to intensive faculty engagement with students. Further, the state had mandated that all Maine public schools transition to competency-based education by 2018. The president of the university saw the opportunity created by this state mandate and drafted a new vision and mission during summer 2013.

The General Education Curriculum (GEC) transitioned to a competency-based program as of fall 2014. In line with AAC&U's LEAP initiative, the GEC now includes five Essential Learning Outcomes encompassing 29 total competencies within which students will demonstrate proficiency. Competency-based education allows for much greater personalization of learning, allowing students choices in how they best learn and demonstrate their learning. The University of Maine at Presque Isle is eager to serve students who may have struggled, for whatever reasons, in a traditional learning environment and will provide those students with multiple pathways for learning and success.