CBE Storytelling Contest Starts Now!

May 3rd, 2018

C-BEN is now accepting submissions for its CBE Storytelling Contest. We are looking for short, digital stories that showcase CBE programs, students, and institutions. Share your story

Educators who work in competency-based education often cite the transformative and innovative nature of CBE. Many of us have seen first-hand the ways CBE has impacted our students’ lives—enabling them to fulfill lifetime goals and pursue new opportunities. While we get to see these stories unfold daily, our colleagues often do not. To help others see the power of CBE, we need to share these stories. 

Winning digital stories will receive a cash prize and will be premiered at CBExchange 2018 at Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts in Orlando, Florida from September 24-27, 2018Submissions are due by midnight (PST) on August 1, 2018. Winners will be notified by August 31, 2018

Click here for the Video Submission Form.  Click here for the Contest Details and Rules/Disclosures

C-BEN Releases Storytelling Toolkit

March 22nd, 2018

The CBE Story: A Strategic Storytelling Toolkit

C-BEN has released The CBE Story: A Strategic Storytelling Toolkit. The Storytelling Toolkit is designed to help you communicate more effectively about the purpose, value and results of competency-based education. Inside this useful resource, you’ll find a framework for bringing your CBE story to life. There are activities, prompts, tips and templates to help you tell your best stories to different audiences, including students and families; faculty, staff and administrators; governing boards; regulators and policymakers; and employers. You will also find tools and resources that can aid you in helping others, such as students and faculty, to tell their stories. To access this toolkit, please click here.

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C-BEN Releases Quality Framework User’s Guide

March 22nd, 2018

C-BEN Releases Quality Framework User’s Guide

C-BEN has released the Quality Framework for Competency-Based Education Programs: A User’s Guide to assist institutions in using and adopting C-BEN’s “Quality Framework for Competency-Based Education Programs”. As the number of CBE programs continues to grow, many constituents are looking to build high quality CBE programs in accordance with the Quality Framework. This guide is intended to make the Quality Framework more accessible to institutions wishing to use it. Our goal is not to offer a pathway or the “right answers” to developing and/or improving CBE programs, but rather to offer the high-level, high-leverage questions to be considered to accelerate and enable institutional work. The User’s Guide breaks down each of the 8 Elements of Quality and provides key considerations about where institutions should start, including key people to have at the table, resources needed, institutional illustrations, and pro tips. To access this guide, please click here.

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HCM Strategists' Release State Policy Resources on CBE

November 7th, 2017

More information:

State and systems leaders are increasingly recognizing competency-based education (CBE) as a method to improve education delivery. They seek to better understand CBE, what states and systems can do to encourage the design and development of such programs, and how to think and talk about CBE in conversations at the policy level. Lumina funded HCM Strategists to work in four states to help explore ways states can support the growth of CBE programs. That work resulted in many lessons and ideas that are captured in the following documents:

- A CBE State Toolkit, which provides resources that can help describe CBE at a high level;
State Policy Considerations for CBE in Higher Education, which outlines the state-level policies that can directly affect the growth of CBE;
- State case studies that summarize the work and lessons in each of the four states.


Below is a full complete list of HCM Strategists' recently-released resources: 

1. State Policy Considerations for Supporting Competency-Based Education in Higher Education
2. Understanding Competency-Based Education Toolkit
3. Exploring State Financial Aid Policies to Set a More Supportive Context for Competency-Based Higher Education in Kentucky
4. Setting a Supportive State Environment By Integrating CBE into Workforce Development Efforts
5. Incorporating Competency Into a State's Higher Education Strategic Plan - Indiana's Strategic Planning Process
6. State Policy Consideration for Aligning State CBE Efforts Across Education Levels in Arizona
7. State Policy Consideration for Incorporating CBE in Florida's Statewide Course Numbering System

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Brand New Case Study Website That Explores University of Wisconsin Flexible Option Academic, Business and Operational Models Launched With Support From the Lumina Foundation

July 19th, 2017

More information:

A new case study website provides a behind-the-scenes look at the University of Wisconsin Flexible Option academic, business and operational models. Lumina Foundation supported the development of at-a-glance takeaways and challenges, which expand to include more detail and resources in six main content areas of Academics, Budget, Communications, Enrollment Management and Technology, Metrics, and Policy at Resource materials include an introduction to competency-based education, models, and issues addressed; templates; webinars; infographics; a glossary; and videos such as a website overview by Aaron Brower, UW-Extension dean and vice chancellor, and a policy overview by David Schejbal, dean of Continuing Education, Outreach and E-Learning at UW-Extension and C-BEN board member. Brower, Schejbal, and the grant staff invite feedback through a form provided on the site.

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