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2019 National Survey of Postsecondary Competency-Based Education

2019 National Survey of Postsecondary CBE Institutions Surveyed

Percentage of Institutions Surveyed That Have Full CBE Programs or Are in The Process of Adopting CBE

Percentage of Institutions Surveyed With CBE Programs That Plan to Increase Their Number of CBE Programs

How Does C-BEN Support the Field?

C-BEN recognizes that today, competency-based education is
still a nascent field with a small number of people and institutions understanding enough to describe it or implement it. To ensure its impact on the future of learning and student success, C-BEN is committed to spreading its knowledge and expertise through programming and support services that can help others move through the learning curve competently – accelerating development, adoption, and continued innovation.

C-BEN’s efforts focus on three main priorities: growing demand, building capacity, and removing barriers. In order for the CBE movement to be successful, all three of these priorities
must be achieved.

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