C-BEN has over 100 member entities. Here are our supporting members:


Those interested in a C-BEN membership must commit to actively participate in collaborations to:

  • Build and promote high-quality standards and practices;
  • Measure and share efficacy outcomes;
  • Participate in a shared research agenda;
  • Develop and foster continued innovation;
  • Educate elected officials about legislative and regulatory issues related to the growth, scale, and protection of the movement.

The membership year begins on July 1 and ends June 30 of the following year.

Institutions of Higher Education (IHE)

Choose One

K-12, International IHE, Government, Associations, Non-Profits

Corporations and Service Providers (non-IHE)

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Member Supporting Organization  Member Member Supporting Organization

Convening-Related Benefits

$1,500 USD $5,000 USD $500 USD $5,000 USD $10,000 USD $500 USD
Access to Two C-BEN Member-Only Convenings Per Year
Number of Specially-Priced C-BEN Member-Only Convening Registrations up to 3 people up to 5 people  up to 3 people  up to 2 people up to 5 people 1 person
Number of Specially-Priced CBExchange Registrations
Newsletters, Updates, Access to Policy Info
Leadership-Related Benefits
Opportunity to apply for C-BEN Board of Directors, when seats are available
Opportunity to apply as a C-BEN Mentor in the Mentorship Program
Opportunity to apply as a Collaboratory project participant, if applicable
Opportunity to apply as a C-BEN Consultant for Direct Consulting Services
Opportunity to apply as a CBE Outcomes Data Analyst
Marketing Benefits
One 400 word CBE-related, blog-style submission for one monthly newsletter feature
Highlighted as a featured institution in one monthly newsletter
Opportunity to Present Product Demonstration to C-BEN Board Members
One Jointly-Hosted CBE-related webinar, recorded and on-demand
One Complimentary 10×10 Booth at CBExchange
Monthly Update of Network Members with Full Contact Information
Brief Organizational Description and Hyperlinked Logo 0n C-BEN Website
Highlighted Designation As a “Supporting Organization” on Website
Organization name listed on website
Access to Web Resources, List of Network Members, etc.
Professional Services Benefits
Special Member-Only Pricing on Customized Training Workshops
Special Member-Only Pricing on Direct Consulting Professional Services
Quality Assurance Benefits
Special Member-Only Pricing for Quality Assessment Review
Opportunity to apply for the Quality Assessment Review Team
IHE Member  IHE Supporting Member  K-12, International IHE, Government, Associations, Non-Profits Corporations   and Service Providers Supporting   Corporations and Service Providers Individual
Member Rate  $1,500 USD  $5,000 USD $500 USD $5,000 USD $10,000 USD $500 USD

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